Hard Work Always Pays Off

[youtube v=”ksg6ikIHXtc”]

This video is a dedication to those who never give up: persistence and commitment are the keys to any challenges ahead. The story begins when our digital magazine was born, The Regencies. Since its birth on 7th of April 2018, our mission to promote Indonesia from the bottoms up (grassroots tourism) has been a slow process.

It’s quite difficult to educate potential regencies in Indonesia to promote tourism potential through content marketing. Finally, our prayers are answered!

On 7th of July 2019, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Regency of Kulon Progo as its first client and mark the beginning of a new era of content marketing in Indonesia. Watch the video and learn how patience and perseverance finally succeed.

Happy 2nd-anniversary guys, always remember the day we start on something and respect each moment we sweat because hard work finally pays off!


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